colorcable: Model 3 - Minimalist Grey

We make cabling beautiful and add colorful design to our lives.
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Collection 2022

Minimalist Grey

Grey colors in different shades is your minimalist route to become stylish, stringent and versatile. Tough and no bullshit. 

Cheerful Turquoise

Turquoise is a timeless and powerful expression. Icy and innovative almost excessive. Be cheerful, be enthusiastic, bring it on.

Leaf Green

Greenish shades are natural and exclusive - graphic and energetic. Be artful, be mood making, be sustainable. 

Experimental Brown

Stones and tiles can symbolise simple living, just like brown. An experimental alternative to black. Stay in touch with nature and feel the harmony.

Through our customer-centric design and fashionable color choices, we aim to become the most colorful brand within beautiful cabling.

Our color philosophy springs from the pulsating “walk-ways” of fashion, where colors adorn and create eternal inspiration and change.