The world would be a boring place without color. But 300 million people across the globe don’t experience the vivid tones in nature or art as many of us do – because of color blindness.

That’s why we have developed the app ColorCapture that automatically “translates” colors in the real world to colors that the colorblind can see. We do it for the simple reason that we believe the world is a better place when everyone can enjoy the colors it has to offer.

ColorCapture is free and available for all Apple users.

There are many different sorts of color blindness – or color vision deficiency – and they are usually inherited and mostly common among men. Even if it is not a critical condition it can have a severe impact on everyday living from navigating traffic lights to doing simple shopping in the local supermarket.

The three most common ones are:

Protanopia (aka red-blind) – Individuals have no red cones.
Protanomaly (aka red-weak) – Individuals have red cones and can usually see some shades of red.
Deuteranopia (aka green-blind) – Individuals have no green cones.

That’s why ColorCapture has built-in features that can help people that suffer from any of them.

“We make cabling beautiful and add colorful design to our lives – and that includes those who usually can’t see color.”

Klaus Boldt, Founder of ColorCable