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3 ColorCable Model 3 stikdåser.

With our package deal, you’ll always have the right cable color available, ensuring that your technology accessories enhance your fashion statement rather than distract from it
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ARDE design studio
Dimensions Socket:

Powerstrip: 15 x 5.6 x 3.5 cm
Plug: Ø 3.9 cm
Cable: 250 cm – Matt PVC


1 x Type C plug
3 x Type K sockets
Without earthing, including
dummy hole for Danish earth pin.
Childproof sockets
Max: 230V 2200W 10A
CE & ROHS certified


Power strip: ABS plastic – 30% recycled materials
Plug: PC plastic – 30% recycled materials
Cable: Mat PVC
Surface: Photo etching – matt coating


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